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      Top 20 Work From Home (WFH) Jobs You Can Do In Nigeria


      WFH jobs

      Jobs that are done remotely attract a lot of attention. Nigeria, in particular, considers Wor from Home (WFH) successful in making workers more productive. It’s also an opportunity for those who want to earn while doing errands at home.

      Here are top 20 WFH jobs that you can do in Nigeria:

      1. Graphic Designer

      The main requirement is to have creativity for new infographic ideas. Fluent in using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and other digital software.

      2. Freelance Writer

      Responsible for writing error-free SEO contents for certain companies and clients with a specified number of words.

      3. Virtual Assistant (VA)

      Many companies and individuals seek the help of VA to help them manage administrative and operational tasks.

      4. Social Media Specialist

      One of the best paying social media marketing jobs that is responsible for many things. Including increasing conversions, engagement, brand awareness, etc.

      5. Online Tutor

      Get paid to teach students online according to your field with flexible hours.

      6. Translator

      Translators are required for those with extensive knowledge. Mainly, in the field of industry, technology, and science.

      7. Transcriptionist

      There are many transcription WFH jobs available online. If you’re good at listening and typing, then this job is for you.

      8. Blogger

      Promote your blog and life experiences with online readers. It’s the best way to earn money and manage meaningful contents.

      9. Proofreader

      Making sure there are no typos, incorrect sentence structure, etc. that is difficult to understand to become a proofreader.

      10. Web Developer

      A website is created completely from scratch. Then, it is developed according to the needs of a company. It’s really a job that pays quite well!

      11. YouTuber

      In this millennial era, there’s a lot of content that can make money on YouTube. If you are creative, you can become a reliable YouTuber.

      12. Survey Taker

      If you like giving opinions about a product, why not be a survey taker. Take a survey, then earn some cash.

      13. Bookkeeping

      Get paid to do bookkeeping from home. Start recording a company’s financial transactions into organized accounts every day.

      14. Travel Agent

      Start booking your client’s travel inquiries from home and online. Just like a VA who helps clients have a better traveling experience.

      15. Technical Support Specialist

      From home, you can develop your IT talents as a technical support specialist. Provide first support when the client server goes down, etc.

      16. Franchise Owner

      If you are an experienced entrepreneur, becoming a franchise owner can be a good way to develop a business. Some of the benefits are ease of financial management and brand awareness.

      17. Event Planner

      As an event planner, you don’t always need to meet with the client in person. Communication can also be done online.

      18. Affiliate Marketing

      Nowadays, affiliate marketing is trending. Companies use the services of affiliates to help market their products or services.

      19. Research Analyst

      Scientists and business people need the help of research analysts to analyze sources and develop study plans.

      20. Childcare Provider

      If you enjoy caring for children, opening a childcare provider is a great opportunity. Take a training course and obtain permission from local authorities.

      Final Thoughts

      Those are 20 WFH jobs that make a living, and you can do them in Nigeria. So, if you have other jobs that’s not on the list above, let us know. Please share them in the comments column below!

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