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      How To Earn Money From Freepik (With Account Creation Tutorial)


      earn money from Freepik

      Freepik is a website offering a large library of free and paid graphic resources like vectors, photos, icons, and illustrations. On the other side, contributors of visual content earn money from Freepik in some ways for the work they post. The remuneration is given in some fixed schemes, so you will get some real money from it. If you are interested in gaining some, follow this article for more.

      Why Freepik?

      Other various stock photo sites offered profit to people. Yet, Freepik, unlike other sites, has its distinct benefits contrasting to others. They include:

      – Easy upload process through your contributor dashboard

      – Monetize your skills and earn passive income based on your content’s downloads

      – Gain visibility by reaching Freepik’s 32+ million monthly users

      – Flexibility to work anywhere, set your own pace and topics

      – Non-exclusive model allows sharing work on other platforms too

      – Additional earnings potential through referral programs and campaigns

      – Grow professionally via special contributor events and programs

      – Full credit given to you as the content creator

      – Become part of the contributor community for support

      How much money can you earn from Freepik?

      At Freepik, contributors earn money based on downloads of their Premium assets. Earnings per download are calculated via the pay-per-download (PPD) model, which considers Freepik’s revenue from subscribers. The contributor dashboard shows pre-tax earnings. Final payouts depend on the contributors’ tax situation and are calculated when invoices are generated.

      Freepik accepts PayPal (minimum $100) and Payoneer (minimum $50). No other methods are currently available. Payments correspond to downloads from 2 months prior. For example, March payments cover downloads through January. Invoices are:

      – Generated: 4th of each month

      – Validated: 4th-9th of each month

      – Paid: 10th-15th of each month

      Remember, invoices are only generated after reaching the minimum payout thresholds above. One contributor named Steven Heap gives a bit of insight into how much he gains from Freepik in a month. He uploaded images in May, saw an initial jump in earnings the first day or two, then it leveled off. In June, he didn’t upload new images, and earnings showed a steadier pattern. He currently has 8,925 published images, with 1,189 rejected.

      With the total number of posted images, he can earn money from Freepik about 5 euros/business day on average. He shows monthly earnings from April to June 2022 ranging from around 65 euros to 145 euros per month. Top-earning images only make around 7 cents per download. It generates steady supplemental income in the range of 60-150 euros/month currently if you have around 9,000 published images.

      Ways to earn money from Freepik

      Freepik lets you profit from producing content through two models – the Contributor model and the Referral program.

      – Contributor Model

      This model pays royalties for work you upload. You create a Contributor account, upload quality, unique, and usable content attracting downloads, and earn money. The Contributor model has three sequential levels, each with upload requirements:

      – Level 1: Upload 20 images via web uploads

      – Level 2: Upload the next 100 images via web uploads

      – And level 3: Upload 20-1000 images via FTP Hitting Level 3 allows unlimited FTP uploading within the 1000 file cap.

      – Referral Program

      You can also earn money from Freepik by referring friends who sign up as active contributors. Within your contributor dashboard, you get a unique referral link. When a referred user registers with your link and then publishes material, they become an “active contributor”. They also trigger a $50 reward for you per user. This supplements your royalties.

      How to set up an account on Freepik

      freepik create account

      1. Sign up for a new user account and choose a permanent contributor name.
      2. If you have an existing Freepik account, change your name before making a contributor profile.
      3. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions before accepting them.
      4. Complete your profile and include a link to an online portfolio.
      5. Upload 10 of your best assets to start collaborating with Freepik.
      6. They will review your assets. Once they approve your assets, you can start uploading as many as you wish,


      Freepik is a platform for contributing graphic assets, which pays out royalties based on content downloads. One contributor with nearly 9k published images earned about 60-150 euros monthly. By producing quality content, and referring active contributors, you can earn money from Freepik.

      With a vast library of high-quality graphic resources, this platform empowers you to monetize your designs, illustrations, and creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned graphic designer or an aspiring artist, Freepik provides a global stage to showcase your talent and earn a substantial income.Are you interested to join as a contributor at Freepik? Or have you tried to be one?

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