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      How To Earn Money From Canva Easily


      earn money from Canva

      Did you know there various ways for you to earn money from Canva? The highly popular image editing app offers numerous things that you can use to make money. And the best part is most of the time you don’t have to spend any money to start earning.

      4 Methods to Earn money from Canva

      Technically, the sky is the limit when it comes to earning money from the Internet. You can sell products, services, and more. And with a diverse set of clients, you also can earn a lot of money and build a career from it.

      1. Be a Canva Contributor

      If you’re an active Canva user, you can sell your work to other users. This is especially a good idea when you have so many ideas that you can’t use for work. Or if you enjoy doing random doodles and designs.

      Contributing to Canva also can crank up your visibility and help you to get a better rate. And the sweet side is you will earn a commission whenever someone downloads your work. You are also free to explore other options outside of Canva.

      2. Canva Creator Program

      Not to be confused with the contributor program, Canva Creator is where you submit original artwork to sell on Canva. For example, you created an Instagram template and submitted it to Canva. When they see that your work meets their term and conditions, they will reach out to you to be part of the creator program.

      Similar to the contributor program, you also will receive commissions whenever a user download or purchase your work. The difference is you can apply as specific creators, such as templates or education resources.

      This means you have numerous niches you can explore that you know is in high demand. And the best part is you can explore another angle on the niche to earn more money from other platforms.

      3. Start an Online Course

      There may seem to be so many online courses that you can find today. But you can be very specific with your Canva course. As an example, you can go deep dive into exploring Instagram post themes and ideas. Color combinations and pictures can be a topic that warrants multiple meetings.

      You can sign up for an online course to provide specific classes only. But if you already qualify, you can start your course with a curriculum you write.

      Don’t forget to share your course on social media by adding the link to your post. Using advertisements to promote your class is also doable since it ensures you get more visibility.

      You also can sign up for Patreon where you share exclusive content with your subscribers. This may include a longer video or a more in-depth take on the topic.

      4. Design Printables By-Demand

      While it may sound very common, the market for selling printables is still available. You can work with customers and other creators to create cute mugs, sweaters, kitchen decorations, and more. The idea that you can explore is endless as you are also free to combine multiple colors and designs.

      Etsy is still the most popular place to sell on-demand printables. The process is very easy and it provides security for your new customers. Anyhow, you can set the initial designs of what you’re selling.

      You can start by providing the most popular items such as T-shirts and apparel in various colors. But you also can explore other options by selling artwork, custom bookmarks, and other works.

      Let’s Earn Money From Canva!

      Many people are still relying on social media or private websites as a portfolio. While it’s highly commendable, Canva also offers a good opportunity for you to build your portfolio.

      Even more so when you work in digital art or online marketing. Most digital marketers and social media influencers are using Canva. It only makes sense that you build your portfolio and followers from your popular work in Canva.

      When you look into it, there are so many ways to earn money from Canva. Most of them are very easy to start and you don’t have to spend more money as capital. So which method do you prefer the most? Or maybe you have other ideas that you have been doing? Share with us here in the comments.

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