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Learning Cashcow: What Is It? Types And Examples

The definition of a cashcow, in terms of business, refers to any form of business that produces constant cash flows for the long term.  The term is actually taken from

List of Fake Loan App You Should Aware Of And How To Identify Them

With the ease of getting the money instantly, many fall into the trap of fake loan apps. The real loan apps indeed usually approve the loan application within minutes. Then

okash loan login

Okash Loan Login : Review, Is It Legit And How To Login

Lending money digitally and instantly may sound like a scam. Yet, it is indeed true for OKash. This Nigeria-based fintech provides loans with a simple process and reasonable interest. All

charcoal business

Easy And Simple Way To Start Charcoal Business In Nigeria

Having multiple purposes, charcoal is in high demand locally in Nigeria and globally around the world. With the right management and strategy, people could make some profit out of the

recycling business in Nigeria

Full Guide To Start Profitable Recycling Business In Nigeria

Plastic waste is uncontrolled in Nigeria. The local government data shows that the country produces at least 2.5 million tons of plastic waste every year. Some of these waste ends

The ice block business in Nigeria

Make Millions Of Naira From Ice Block Business In Nigeria

As the temperature rise and heats the population, the ice block business in Nigeria is growing rapidly. However, this is one of the business opportunities that is often underestimated and

rice business in Nigeria

Things You Should Know Before Starting a Rice Business In Nigeria

Nigeria is an agricultural country. With a population of around 180 million people, rice is their staple food. However, due to the limited availability of local rice production, the rice

snail farm

Learn About Snail Farm Business That Has Huge Potential In Profit For Beginners

Snails are animals that are often considered as pests by some people. However, they actually can be used as a profitable business. They are currently in demand in most countries,

catfish farming

Step By Step Starting Catfish Farming Business In Nigeria

Nigerians like to eat catfish at least once a week. No wonder the catfish business is growing in this country. You can start catfish farming too, whenever you get the