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barbershop business

Step By Step How To Open Barbershop Business In Nigeria

You have the ability to cut men’s hair after gaining knowledge in barber school. It will be better to start the barbershop business as soon as possible after planning the

sell gift cards

How And Where To Sell Gift Cards To Real Money In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country that values technological developments, including payment methods to buy items or products. An example of this payment method is gift cards. The gift cards are produced

sell on eBay

How To Sell On eBay As Nigerian

You may not be well aware but Nigerians do sell on eBay. Many Nigerians use the website to look for old and new pieces. You can always use the marketplace

sell books

5 Top Platforms To Sell Your Old And Unused Books

For you who want to sell books, those that you already read or are no longer interested in, you sure often wonder where and how to sell them. Setting up

thrift shop

7 Steps on How To Open A Thrift Shop In Nigeria

Maybe you’ve heard about Okrika as a businesswoman in Nigeria. Okrika sells second-hand things. You may be called the second-hand shop or thrift shop. Anyway, the whole thing in the

moneypantry get paid to write

How To Get Up To $100 By Writing In MoneyPantry

We know that writing can be paid for as long as it is original. You can make an article that is different from the AI-generated article. If you are diligent

multi level marketing

What Is Multi Level Marketing And How Does It Earn Profit

You may hear about multi level marketing (MLM) as one type of business. This type of business allows you to sell products such as personal care, pharmaceuticals, and so on.

manufacturing companies in Nigeria

Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria

Nigeria can boost its economy through manufacturing companies. The existence of manufacturing companies in Nigeria can help the government to reduce the poverty rate by reducing the number of unemployed.

what business can I start with 300k in Nigeria

15 Business You Can Start With 300k Naira in Nigeria

Despite the current economic situation in Nigeria, it’s not a challenge that some businesses can start with N300k. So, consider this question, what business can I start with 300k in