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      DIY Business: How To Make a Lemonade Stand for Business


      make a lemonade stand

      Did you make a lemonade stand when you were a kid? It sure is one of the experiences that you have and cherish for many decades. And this time, you want to share the joy again with the younger generations.

      How to make a lemonade stand in 5 Easy Steps

      Building a lemonade stand can be very easy to do. Even if you’re still a newbie at building and it’s the first time you hammer something, you can build a strong construction. These five easy steps prove how everyone also can be a builder.

      1. Get Wooden Crates

      You can get used or new crates for this project. Anyhow, make sure that they are in the same size. The amount of crates you need depends on how tall you want the stand to be. If it’s too high, you may need to get an extra crate for standing.

      Use sandpaper to clean the crates before you start painting. This will help the paint to stick better and you won’t see any bad lines. You can repaint several parts to ensure the color pops.

      Most lemonade stands use yellow or green that showcase lemon. But you can be creative and choose other summer colors such as bright orange, sky blue, or even pastel pink.

      2. Stack and Nail Them Together

      You can stack the crates to the height that you want as soon as the paint dries. Check if the crates are well-aligned together. Sometimes, the crates are a bit askew. But you don’t have to worry as it’s mostly less than an inch. It won’t be noticeable and you don’t have to worry about everything will slide down.

      To show something different, you can alternate the positions. Where one showcases the back side by side with the front. Carefully nail them together using large nails for the connection.

      3. Connect The Crates

      The easiest way to connect the crates is to nail them together into one big lemonade stand. However, it will be difficult to store and use at a later date. While nailing them side by side means you can repurpose the crates for outside of summer.

      To secure the crates, you can create a space for pipes on each side. Start by stacking the crates and measure the distance to put the clamps. Use a permanent marker to help you with the measurement. Then place the pipes and use the clamp to fasten the crates. This will ensure the crates stay in their places. You also can always take the pipes out to store the stand.

      No need to go overboard and put clamps every inch, as you only need two or three clamps at most. Bonus point, you can use the pipe as a decoration to hang the pennants and other items.

      4. Have Creative Decoration

      This is the time for you to be creative. You can add pennants, flowers, pom-poms, and other decorations to make it stand out. Of course, you also can paint the crates in different colors.

      The key is to make the lemonade stand to look like so much fun. Don’t forget to add the price tag on the banner to help your customer on the menu.

      5. Start Selling Lemonades

      Homemade lemonades are easy to make and easily become everyone’s favorite. In addition to lemonades, you also can sell sweet iced tea and cookies. Use your favorite cookie recipe to keep the customers coming back for more. To boost sales, you can sell them in a pair or come up with cute packaging.

      All-Time Summer Favorite

      Many parents believe that it’s not a summer holiday without a lemonade stand. And they are correct. Even though it may sound like an overused business idea, lemonade is one thing that never gets old.

      Everyone won’t say no to a glass of cold lemonade during a sizzling summer day. You can help your kids while they are selling lemonades. They also can help you build the stand. Involving your kids throughout the process will give them a better memory to cherish and revisit in the future.

      So how do you spend your summer? Did you also make a lemonade stand from crates? Did you use other materials for your lemonade stand? Share your story in the comment section!

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      DIY Business: How To Make a Lemonade Stand for Business


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