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      Tutorial How To Create Shopee Account and Open a Business There


      There are many young generations who use the marketplace to get consumers online. One of the most popular marketplaces in Asia is Shopee. Based on Similar Web, Shopee ranks 156th in global rank, with total visitors of around 243.4 million. The largest number of users are the young generation aged 25-34 years, amounting to 35.49%. However, the second-largest testers are those aged 18–24. If you want to join there, you should create a Shopee account first. It will be better for you to learn how to use it so you can obtain bigger profits. Anyway, you can learn about the steps to create the account and the mechanism to use it here.

      Shopee account

      Reasons to Use Shopee for Selling Products

      This marketplace allows us to sell physical products or digital products. If you are someone who works in the creative industry, you can sell articles, ebooks, designs, etc. If you have an electronic store, groceries, and so on, you can offer products to consumers via the marketplace. The next reason why you need the marketplace can be seen below.

      1. Reach Broad Consumers

      If you use e-commerce, you can reach more target consumers. It will be different for someone who opens a store. They only get consumers locally due to their limited reach in the area. It means that you can get customers from the whole region of Indonesia. Moreover, Shopee has now become the number one ranking site with the largest number of customers in Indonesia.

      2. You don’t need to rent space.

      Renting a room can be expensive for new sellers. You should pay the rent and electricity per year. It will be better to use your own home while selling the product. What you need is only a smartphone and the internet.

      3. There are lots of discounts, cashback, and other promotions.

      Shopee offers many discounts, cashbacks, and promotions every month. They can attract more consumers to buy products or services through e-commerce. Where there are consumers gathered, this will also attract sellers. The seller can also offer their product through flash sale programs. You can also join the Star Seller program by creating and maintaining the good performance of your Shopee account.

      How to Create the Shopee Account

      1. Creating Your Shopee Account

      Signing up on Shopee is a straightforward process. Navigate to the Shopee website or download the mobile app. Provide necessary details to create an account, ensuring accuracy in your profile information. If you are interested in joining e-commerce as a seller. You should follow the steps to create a Shopee account. The whole process of registering as a seller member on Shopee can be seen below:

      1. You should download the apps from the Google Play Store first.
      2. Then you should tap the Register button.
      3. Fill in the active cellphone number or fill it out by using an active email.
      4. Tap the Next button on your screen.
      5. See the verification message on your cellphone or email.
      6. Tap Enter on the OTP bar and fill in the OTP code based on the message from your cellphone or email.
      7. Create a strong password for your account. Please don’t make easy-to-guess passwords for your safety.
      8. Wait a minute, and you will get a notification about the success or not of the Shopee account creation.

      We inform you that sellers can make an account on the Shopee site. Just access the site by using your computer and follow the steps below.

      • You can access the website at https://shopee.co.id/ from your computer browser.
      • You can search for the Start Selling button and click it.
      • You can fill the cellphone bar with the active cellphone number.
      • You should verify it via cellphone.
      • Fill in the OTP code that you read from your message’s cellphone.
      • Make a strong password and tap the Register button.
      • Choose to tap “To Seller Center” to start your business online.

      2. Navigating the Shopee Dashboard

      shopee dashboard

      Upon successful registration, you’ll land on the Shopee dashboard. Familiarize yourself with its features, including store management, product listings, orders, and customer inquiries. Here are several Shopee features that you should explore as a seller on the platform:

      • Shopee Seller Center : The Seller Center serves as the command center for sellers. It provides access to manage listings, orders, inventory, and promotional campaigns efficiently.
      • Store Customization : Customize your store by adding banners, logos, and a unique storefront layout to enhance brand identity and attract customers.
      • Product Boost : Utilize this feature to increase product visibility by promoting listings to a wider audience within the Shopee platform.
      • Shopee Live : Engage with customers in real-time through live streaming. Showcase products, answer queries, and run interactive sessions to boost sales.
      • Shopee Ads : Drive more traffic to your store by leveraging Shopee Ads, allowing you to create sponsored listings that appear prominently in search results.
      • Flash Sales and Promotions : Create time-limited offers, discounts, and promotions to attract customers and boost sales during peak shopping periods.
      • Seller Assistant : Access various tools and resources such as performance insights, tips, and guidelines to optimize your selling strategies.
      • Chat Support : Utilize the in-app chat function to communicate directly with buyers, addressing queries and providing personalized assistance.
      • Shipping and Logistics Support : Tap into Shopee’s logistics network for streamlined shipping options and hassle-free order fulfillment.
      • Seller Education Hub : Access educational resources, webinars, and tutorials to enhance your understanding of e-commerce best practices and Shopee-specific selling strategies.

      3. Setting Up Your Shopee Store

      1. Customizing Your Storefront

      After logging in, access the Seller Center. This is your hub for managing your store, products, orders, and promotions. Here are several features you should fill in:

      • Store Information: Fill in essential store details such as your store name, description, and profile picture. Ensure it reflects your brand identity.
      • Banners and Logos: Upload banners and logos that represent your brand. These visuals will be visible on your storefront, making it more attractive.
      • Store Policies: Define your store policies regarding shipping, returns, and customer service to set clear expectations for buyers.
      • Store Layout: Arrange your products in a visually appealing manner within your storefront. Highlight featured items or categories to attract buyers’ attention.
      • Featured Products: Select specific products to showcase as featured items on your storefront.

      2. Optimizing Product Listings

      Next, you should list products that you are going to sell on this platform, such as:

      • Product Listings: Click on “Add New Product” to start listing your items. Provide detailed and accurate information for each product, including clear images, titles, descriptions, prices, and stock availability.
      • Categorization: Organize your products into relevant categories and subcategories for easier navigation.
      • SEO Optimization: Use relevant keywords in your product titles and descriptions to improve search visibility within Shopee’s platform.
      • Tags and Attributes: Add appropriate tags and attributes to your products to ensure they appear in relevant searches.

      3. Preview and Publish

      • Preview Your Store: Review your store’s layout, product listings, and information to ensure everything looks and works as intended.
      • Publish Your Store: Once satisfied, publish your store to make it visible to potential buyers on Shopee.

      Tips on Selling Products on Shopee Platform

      1. Optimize Product Visuals

      Ensure your product images are sharp and varied, showcasing items from different angles. Great visuals catch the eye and build buyer confidence.

      2. Competitive Pricing Strategy

      Research similar products on Shopee and set prices competitively. Offering discounts or special deals can attract buyers swiftly.

      3. Detailed Product Descriptions

      Craft informative and precise descriptions. Highlight key features and benefits to guide buyers in their decision-making process.

      4. Strategic Keyword Usage

      Integrate relevant keywords in titles and descriptions. This enhances the visibility of your products in search results.

      5. Harness Shopee’s Promotional Tools

      Take advantage of Shopee’s promotional features like Flash Sales, vouchers, and discounts. These attract attention and drive quick sales.

      6. Responsive Customer Support

      Prioritize prompt responses to customer inquiries. Exceptional service fosters trust and boosts sales potential.

      7. Maintain Updated Inventory Information

      Ensure your inventory reflects real-time stock availability. Clear communication prevents disappointment due to out-of-stock items.

      8. Consider Shopee Ads

      Explore Shopee Ads to amplify product visibility. Sponsored listings can significantly increase exposure to potential buyers.

      9. Offer Free Shipping or Promotions

      Entice buyers with free shipping or bundled promotions. These incentives often attract customers seeking added value.

      The Mechanism of Shopee and Selling the Product

      After setting up the account to start selling, now you should have gained knowledge about the mechanisms of the marketplace. Along the time, you will know how to sell the product and attract more consumers by applying tips that we have provided.

      Remember to fill in the detailed description for your product too. The next thing you should understand is how to upload the product. The uploading of a product is based on the right keyword that describes your product. You should apply the real product photos so that your consumers don’t often protest. Give informative descriptions for your products through the Shopee platform, such as expiration dates and benefits (for cosmetics and skincare products).

      Now, you have known about the Shopee marketplace as a seller. Do you have any experiences as a seller in the marketplace? You can discuss it here.

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