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      Easy Way on How To Start Photo Booth Business in Nigeria


      The photo booth business is one of the businesses that will get more consumers in 2021. Based on Straits Research, there is a projection that the market will increase to $719.91 million (in 2030) from $542.2 million (in 2021). If you are interested in running the business, you should also know about Industry Insight on LinkedIn for the photo booth market. The market value can increase by 14.62% from 2022 until 2028. The technology trend of photo booths has changed to digital cameras from the previous ones. The result of a digital camera is better quality in color detail.

      photo booth business

      Define your consumers and research the right photo booth

      The first step in running a photo booth is to define the target audience. Digital cameras are better known by the teenage generation and adults aged 25 to 30 years. You should understand the interests of people at that age, including the background in which they prefer to take a photo. Choose the right color and theme background for consumers. Examples of popular themes for backgrounds are retro, balloon props, neon color, K-pop MV settings, etc.

      In addition, you should choose the type of booth, such as a closed booth, a freestanding booth, a mirror booth, or a 360-degree booth. The price of each photo booth will be different, so you should consider it carefully. Based on my research, the range of closed photo booths is $799.00–$10000. You can spend only $799 if you make the booth by yourself. A do-it photo booth requires a budget of $799 to purchase the shell, camera/iPad, stand/tripod, printer, software, and lighting.

      If you are busy and have good capital, you can buy the booth rather than create a do-it-yourself photo booth. Just try to find the right supplier, both offline and online, that meets the standards of the booth and your budgeting plan.

      Build the catchy brand

      We inform you to find the catchy brand so consumers can easily remember it. Anyway, it is not simple to create the brand for a photo booth. You should have to check the brand to see if it already exists or not. Examples of existing catchy photo booth companies are Snap Ryder, Smile Shot, Candid Shots, and Photo Buds. If you are confused, we recommend you use a brand generator. You can type the business description for the brand generator. The list from the brand generator may give you inspiration, and you can rework or combine it with your original idea. Try to open an encyclopedia and read it to find fresh ideas.

      Set the proper prices based on consumer purchasing power

      You know how much money you spent to buy the photo booth. Then, you should set the right price for renting based on consumers purchasing power. Each region has its own purchasing power due to human factors influencing it. You may not set the price too high because only several consumers will come. Comparing the competitors is also an important effort to run the photo booth business. You should adjust the price to the facilities at the competitors’ booth. Whenever you charge a higher price, your booth should provide better quality, such as the quality of the photo printed. The target market will be consumers with middle- to upper-financial levels. Remember to analyze how much you need to obtain per event. At least, you should gather around.

      Collaborate with the vendors and promote

      Remember to take a chance on collaboration with vendors. You can collaborate with wedding organizers, graduation events, event planners, or hotels. Offers to promote the vendor’s brand through your social media too. Bring a win-win solution to attract vendors. Learn about the vendor’s background so that you can communicate well. Broadening the network through the community can increase your photo booth’s popularity too. The community will bring information that is useful for your photo booth business too. Examples of the community are the American Marketing Association, the Local Chamber of Commerce, and so on. You should also promote your business to gain more consumers through various media. There are many media that you can use to attract people, such as websites, social media, print marketing materials, and referrals.

      Do you have experience with this type of business? You can leave a comment to share your experience running the photo booth business.

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