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      How to Start a Phone Case Business at Home


      You want to start a phone case business due to its growing statistics in 2023. Based on market research insights on LinkedIn, the market size of the business was $8246.45 million in 2022. There is a prediction that the market will grow up to 9.55%, becoming $14256.37 million in 2028. However, the smartphone users will grow by more than 4 billion in 2023 around the world. If you can make a unique, creative, and homemade phone case by using silicone or epoxy, it will add value to your phone case brand. Anyway, you can start it online by using marketplaces and social media. We will explain the steps to do it below.

      How to Start a Phone Case Business at Home

      phone case business

      1. Conduct research about the highest demand for the phone care business

      Nowadays, you can do research on specific products online, especially about phone case demand. Analyze the data from many e-commerce sites in your country first. If there is e-commerce with potential consumers from abroad, it will be better. Based on Similar Web, Amazon will have the third largest consumers in the computer, electronics, and technology categories in 2023. Based on Business Insider, up to 42% of Amazon users access the site by using their smartphones. You can visit the Amazon site and see the best-selling phone cases. An example of my research of the market on Amazon is that Casekoo Crystal Clear Designed became the best-selling product in the category. However, the creative design of the case attracts fewer consumers, but the price is higher. After you finish your research about sold phone case on Amazon, you can start to do the same thing on other e-commerce sites, such as E-Bay, Tokopedia, and so on.

      2. Learn and handle the legal aspects of starting a business

      You get the brand name for your product after doing research online. You should also learn about the legal aspects of the phone case business. We don’t suggest you sell the product directly before handling the legal aspect. We recommend you get a license, complete the sales tax registration, get the identification number (EIN), and obtain a license as a seller. You can consult with a legal expert to understand well, such as a lawyer. Nowadays, you can consult with a lawyer via telephone or social media. Online consulting can help you save time. If the matter becomes urgent, you can consult with the lawyer offline.

      3. Get the product and create a store online on e-commerce

      You have finished the legal aspect of the business. Then, you can start to get the product from the supplier. It will be better when you can design the new phone case using Photoshop, and so on. If you don’t have a skill for design, you can try to use the image generator website. The website applied AI to produce the design. You only need to type the description of the design that you want. There are many image generator websites that offer cheap prices per month. You can order designs from professional designers too, such as Fiverr. Remember that you calculate the budget so you can still get a profit. It would be better for you to allow consumers to make their own case designs.

      The next step to open the phone case store is to create an account on e-commerce. Every e-commerce site has its own form to open a seller account. You can just follow the entire procedure and attach information about payment too. We suggest you create an account for existing e-commerce in your country with millions of monthly visitors. The examples of e-commerce with millions of consumers are Lazada in Malaysia, Tokopedia in Indonesia, and so on.

      4. Promote your brand and store more

      The whole product needs promotion to attract consumers and make them aware of your phone case business. The cheapest way to promote is by using social media. You can also join e-commerce programs such as flash sales, pay advertisements, cashback, discount coupons, and so on. Anyway, every e-commerce site offers a program, so you should learn. You can endorse the product on popular social media when you have a large budget. You can also pay popular websites to review your product. The seller should spend money on promotion every month, including you. Please update your social media every hour by scheduling it to attract more consumers.

      If you have experience with the business, you can give your opinion in the comment section. You can also discuss it with us to run a phone case business.

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