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6 Remote Jobs You Can Try To Earn Dollars In Nigeria

remote job in nigeria

Did you know about a remote job in Nigeria that can pay you in foreign currency? Many freelancers or remote workers are seeing their wages in Nairas. But you know you can earn a lot more when you do remote works for non-Nigerian companies and individuals where they will pay you in dollars. The exchange rate is one reason why earning dollars through remote jobs can be a good career to pursue.

6 Dollar Earning Remote Job in Nigeria

Here are some examples of remote jobs that you can do in Nigeria. Most of the clients will be from another country and they are willing to pay more for your skill and service.

1. Copywriter

Most Nigerians already have a good command of English, and if you’re one of them, you can use the skill to be a copywriter. The primary task of a copywriter is to make a copy or marketing brief on various platforms. You may work on a poster or pamphlets, as well as email and other forms.

2. Digital Marketer

You may think that a digital marketer is only there to hype up some of the recent trends on social media. But a digital marketer’s main work is to promote the product or service through all available channels. You may need to collaborate with influencers and conduct research for the brand. As a marketer, you are also responsible to analyze the campaign result.

3. Social Media Influencer

If you enjoy being in front of the camera and can communicate well, an influencer is one way to earn dollars from anywhere you want. Some companies or establishments will reimburse the influencers who promote their place and products. The payment varied from free products to monetary ones. And if you have a large audience, you may also travel the world for free.

4. Graphic Designer

You can turn your doodle into dollars by being a graphic designer. The key to being a good designer is to always be open to criticism while maintaining your signature. You may start small by having your work on Etsy or similar websites. But you also can work with multiple companies and even influencers to work on their social media posts.

5. Transcriber

This remote job may not seem to earn much. But you can earn up to $50 per audio hour depending on the job’s topic and difficulty. You only need your laptop, headphones, and a good understanding of English. Most transcribing job doesn’t require a degree. But having a deeper knowledge of a specific field can help you to be a better transcriber.

6. Software Developer

Many companies outsource their workforce abroad, including startups and digital services companies. You can use the opportunity and be a software developer. Most developers choose remote work as they travel often or work on multiple projects. This is especially common for companies looking to create simple apps. You also can apply for remote developer work for large companies.

Being a digital nomad by having a remote job in Nigeria may be one thing that you ever dream of. However, the exchange rate of dollars to Naira and most currencies can be a good reason to start pursuing. You can be anyone who you want to be and continue to earn dollars.

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