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      How To Start Shopify Dropshipping in Nigeria (2023)


      Shopify dropshipping in Nigeria

      In case you want to have a steady extra income, you should take a look at Shopify dropshipping in Nigeria. This is one of the easiest businesses that you can do. And the best part is that you don’t have to start with a lot of money as capital.

      5 Steps to Start Shopify Dropshipping in Nigeria

      Are you interested in starting a dropshipping business? Good. You don’t have to worry since there are only five steps between you and your business to come to fruition. And here are what you need to do to start your business.

      1. Start by Defining Your idea

      Defining your ideas will help you manage the business better. You need to define your vision of how you want the business to be. Starting from the product or service, quality, scope of work, and so on.

      For example, you have the vision to start dropshipping women’s accessories. But you didn’t define it as to what products you want to source. As a result, you get overwhelmed with millions of requests from various products. That is why you need to be specific in your definition, such as limited to brooches and pendants.

      2. Set Your Target Market

      Having a clear target market is crucial when you start an advertising campaign. This is especially important when you have a separate budget for marketing. You sure don’t want the money to go to waste.

      Anyhow, focusing on a specific target market will also help you land the most lucrative business ever. Of course, you need to have a solid marketing campaign to support your presence in the market.

      3. Supplier Search

      If you start a business that is in line with your day job, you may have this step easy. However, for those who don’t know, you can always look for online suppliers.

      As you look into the suppliers, you also must educate yourself on the importing law. In the future, your dropshipping business may be big enough that you may have to apply for an import permit. At any rate, look for suppliers that you can trust and comfortable to work with.

      4. Start Your E-commerce Store

      This may be the easiest part since you only need to sign up on an e-commerce platform to start your store. However, you also can launch a website to give your customer a better experience. A website also can help you provide better information on each product. You also can state your services and limitations.

      5. Market Your Products

      Social media such as Instagram and Facebook are some of the best places to start marketing your dropshipping service. You also can use other marketing platforms such as participating in the e-commerce campaign.

      As one of the alternative income sources, Shopify dropshipping in Nigeria is very easy to start. You already have a solid idea of your niche, so you can start your campaign immediately. And when things get rough, you can always return to the original idea to make minor adjustments. What do you think about these steps in starting a business? Do you think you may need more tips on starting a dropshipping business?

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