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      How To Write a Business Plan and Proposal For Beginner


      how to write a business plan and proposal

      Business planning needs to be done with paper works containing the company’s information and business plans. Therefore, business proposals are needed to promote business development. A well-drafted business proposal can increase the credibility of the business owner. So, how to write a business plan and proposal for beginners? Read more to find out!

      6 Main Frameworks in a Business Plan and Proposal

      When writing a proposal for business needs, one of the main things you must have is a writing framework. In general, a business proposal with a clear basic framework is significant. Because the communication process based on the text and data presented can be conveyed well to investors. Here’s how to write a business plan and proposal for beginners:


      The first framework of your business proposal should include the introduction. The introduction provides the background of why you decided to start your business. It’s the background description of the business proposal that explains the urgency of the agreement. In general, investors are more interested in creative and original ideas behind the business startup.

      Your business vision and mission should also be included here. Write them in accordance with your company’s own characteristics. Thus, here’s an overview of what your business proposal Introduction should contain:

      • Background
      • Vision and Mission
      • Objectives
      • Time of implementation

      Executive Summary

      The general overview should describe the description and marketing strategy of your business. Marketing strategies are not only a way to generate revenue. They also reflect how a business owner presents their company to the public. The SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis is key in the discussion of this framework.

      Several aspects of the overview business proposal:

      • Business Profile
      • Business Ownership
      • Business Location
      • Marketing Strategy
      • SWOT Analysis


      The methodology in your business proposal should include how to do things in a business context. The business context mainly consists of:

      • Marketing Management
      • Human Resource Management
      • Operational Management
      • Financial Management
      • Accounting


      Clients certainly want to know how good your business quality is. In this framework, do your best to showcase your qualifications, such as:

      • Certificates
      • Business Awards
      • Work Portfolio
      • Etc

      Cost and Income Plan

      The operating costs and income of your business is also significant. If you’re seeking investment funding when submitting a proposal, write them down in this section.

      This business proposal framework should include:

      • Selling price calculation
      • Calculation of business profit and loss


      The final framework of the business proposal summarizes the entire essence of the previous frameworks. Your conclusion  should convey a good image of the business.

      Final Thoughts

      The capability to prepare a proper business proposal is one of the advantages for a successful business startup. The business plan and proposal is useful for attracting potential investors. For this reason, business proposals must be written as detailed and clearly as possible, so that investors can understand them.

      Have you prepared your business proposal yet? Please review the above information regarding how to write a business plan and proposal. If you have done it successfully before, please share them here. Your comments are really needed here, especially to add insights for beginners.

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