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      Top 7 Free Advertising Ideas For Small Business, Is It Worth It?


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      Many small businesses choose to avoid free advertising because they think it’s pointless. They do the campaigns half-heartedly and end up regretting not doing much. Today, you can do a lot more even when you’re on a limited budget.

      7 Free Advertising That Guaranteed To Worth Your Effort

      The thing with advertising for free is you need to have the right understanding of your market. When you have a geo-localization campaign, you can see the result of an efficient marketing effort. Here are seven methods you can use to maximize the result from free marketing.

      1. Use Listing Websites

      There are numerous websites that you can use to promote your business. Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, OLX, and many more. You also can sign up to ecommerce websites such as e-Bay to start selling your products. Their search engine can be very specific and also have

      2. Improve Your Google Maps Reviews

      One thing that most people check today is the reviews from other people. They tend to choose a company that has good reviews than the one with zero reviews. You can use Google My Business to manage your Google profile. This feature will give you notifications on new reviews or people visiting your place.

      3. Active in the Community

      A small business can only thrive when the situation allows them to. That is why, you need to cultivate a good relationship with people in the neighborhood. You can sponsor a local party or even sign up for multiple conventions in your line of business.

      4. Promote Through Locals

      Similar to the previous point, you are utilizing your neighbors to improve your business. You can offer them 10% off when they buy your products. A good campaign on the neighbors will cement your business status’ as a community-owned establishment.

      5. Use Brochures

      Even though it sounds old-school, brochures can help a lot in advertising your company. This is especially true when you’re targeting locals and those who don’t have access to the internet.

      You can print hundreds of brochures and share them with anyone who passes by your store. You also can walk around to spread the brochure and introduce your business.

      6. Collaborate With a Local Business

      Many small businesses missed their chance to use this opportunity. You can always collaborate with a local business at a special event or celebration. This will increase the impact of your campaign together.

      7. Improve Your Social Media game

      Consistent posts and always engaging your followers are key to having a good social media presence. You can rely on the power of your social media followers to gain more traction.

      The people in social media today prefer an active interaction between the business and the customers. They expect more from you than using social media to hype up a new product.

      You may think that paid advertising to boost your sales is the only way to go forward. However, free advertising also can be an effective method when you do it right. Between these advertising ideas, which one speaks to you the most? If you plan to start a business, which advertising method that you will do and why?

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