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      10 Best Colleges Online in 2024

      So, you’re thinking about earning your degree online? Awesome choice! The digital classroom has come a long way, and it’s not just about convenience—it’s about quality, too. This article explores the best colleges online for you in 2024.

      Whether you’re a busy parent, working full-time, or just love studying in your PJs, online colleges offer much flexibility. 

      Ready to take the leap? Let’s dive into the 10 best online colleges that could be your ticket to success!

      What is the easiest college online to attend?

      Looking for the path of least resistance, huh? No judgment here; everyone’s got their reasons! While the term “easiest” can be subjective depending on what you’re looking for, many consider Ashworth College one of the most accessible online colleges.

      Why? First, no application fee or standardized testing requirements like the SAT or ACT exist. Plus, they offer self-paced programs, allowing you to finish faster if you’re in a hurry or take your time if you’ve got a lot on your plate. 

      The courses are designed to be straightforward and are geared toward real-world skills. It’s a no-fuss, no-muss kind of place where you can get a quality education without jumping through a million hoops. 

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      What are the cheapest colleges online to attend?

      Looking to snag that degree without emptying your wallet? You’re not alone! Online education has increasingly become a go-to for those looking for quality learning experiences at a fraction of the cost. If you’re seeking budget-friendly options, here are three online colleges you should seriously consider:

      Western Governors University (WGU)

      This unique university is known for its competency-based model, which allows you to speed up your education. The tuition is approximately $6,670 per year for most undergraduate programs. You pay for a six-month term and complete as many courses as you can manage during that period. This is incredibly cost-effective, especially if you’re a quick learner or have some prior experience.

      Foothill College

      This California gem offers several online programs and charges incredibly low tuition fees. For California residents, it’s around $31 per unit. It’s about $163 per unit if you’re out-of-state or international. The college offers a variety of programs, so you’re likely to find something that piques your interest without breaking the bank.

      Rio Salado College

      Situated in Arizona, Rio Salado is a prime option for budget-conscious learners. They charge roughly $85 per credit hour for Arizona residents and about $250 for non-residents. One of the best parts? They offer courses that start almost every week, giving you unmatched flexibility.


      If you’re searching for affordable online college options, three more schools are Brigham Young University – Idaho, The University of West Florida, and Great Basin College. BYU-Idaho offers a unique blend of religious and academic education with tuition of around $4,208 per semester, plus their PathwayConnect program for students easing into college life. 

      The University of West Florida provides specialized degrees like cybersecurity at approximately $219 per credit hour for residents. Great Basin College in Nevada offers residents vocational degrees at roughly $3,128 per year, making it a solid choice for skill-based learning. 

      Each offers a unique blend of affordability and quality, catering to various educational needs. 

      10 Best Colleges Online

      Let’s break down the top 10 online colleges and why they’ve earned their spots on this illustrious list. Remember, the criteria for ‘best’ can vary, but these schools offer a blend of affordability, academic quality, and flexibility.

      University of Florida

      • Tuition: $500 per credit
      • Admissions: Rolling

      The University of Florida is not just an academic powerhouse but a community fostering growth and ambition. With an alumni network spanning various industries, you’re stepping into a world of opportunities from day one. Additionally, its state-of-the-art online platform allows students to engage in interactive lessons, group projects, and forums, making distance learning a more enriching experience.

      Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University–Worldwide

      • Tuition: $465 per credit
      • Admissions: Rolling

      Embry-Riddle offers the unique benefit of specialized accreditation in aviation and aerospace, putting it at the pinnacle of education in this field. The online experience is designed to be interactive, featuring simulations and virtual labs that go beyond traditional learning. Plus, they offer financial aid and scholarship opportunities specifically aimed at students in aviation programs.

      University of Illinois–Chicago

      • Tuition: $379 per credit
      • Admissions: Rolling

      Aside from its standout programs in health sciences, the university is also known for its robust research initiatives. Students have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research projects, even in an online format. Plus, their student services include mental health support, academic coaching, and a digital library accessible from anywhere.

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      Medical University of South Carolina

      • Tuition: $658 per credit
      • Admissions: Rolling

      MUSC’s healthcare programs often feature guest lectures from leading experts, offering insights into the latest medical technologies and research. They also provide clinical placement services, aiding students in finding suitable real-world training opportunities in their locality.

      Texas A&M University–College Station

      • Tuition: $276 per credit
      • Deadline: Jan 15

      Aside from its standout engineering programs, Texas A&M also has robust career services, including online job fairs exclusive for its students. With a student-to-faculty ratio that promotes individualized attention, you can expect a learning experience tailored to your needs.

      University of North Carolina–Charlotte

      • Tuition: $747 per credit
      • Admissions: Rolling

      UNC Charlotte has various electives that allow students to customize their degrees according to their career goals. Their career services are also top-notch, with online resume reviews and virtual career counseling to help students prepare for the job market.

      Arizona State University

      • Tuition: $552 per credit
      • Admissions: Rolling

      ASU’s claim to fame doesn’t stop at innovation; it is also recognized for its commitment to sustainability. Students can engage in sustainability projects and even opt for degrees focusing on this critical global issue. Furthermore, the school offers an “Earned Admission Pathway” for students who may not meet the regular admission criteria but show great potential.

      Oregon State University

      • Tuition: $346 per credit
      • Admissions: Rolling

      Oregon State is also home to research facilities contributing to agriculture and marine sciences. Students can access resources like virtual labs and research databases to aid their studies. The university also offers online study groups to foster community among remote learners.

      University of Central Florida

      • Tuition: $716 per credit
      • Admissions: Rolling

      UCF’s courses are designed with industry trends in mind, preparing you for the evolving job market. Their Knights Online platform allows synchronous and asynchronous learning, providing an adaptable educational environment. They also have dedicated academic advisors for online students to help plan their course schedules efficiently.

      University of Arizona

      • Tuition: $533 per credit
      • Admissions: Rolling

      With more than 300 online courses and strong faculty involvement, the University of Arizona ensures you have plenty of academic resources. The school has also partnered with several employers nationwide to offer specialized courses that align with workforce needs, giving students a significant advantage in the job market.


      These top 10 online colleges offer a unique blend of affordability, academic rigor, and flexibility. They stand out not just for their diverse range of programs but also for the quality of education and support services they provide. No matter your field of interest or career goals, this list has a perfect match for you. 

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